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Things you need before engaging in a translation project

1. Translation timelines vary depending on the project. The project's nature will dictate the timeline. Usually, a simple Microsoft Office file can be translated much more readily than a website or app. Keep this in mind when budgeting time for your localization project. It is incredibly common for a project team to address a translation services provider weeks or even days before their product’s launch.

2. Communication is all-important. Communicate all your concerns to your language services provider. All of them. No question should be left unasked. If there is a change in the schedule and you need the translation earlier than planned, notify your language services provider as soon as possible so that they can adjust to your new delivery date.

3. Provide any glossaries and, if possible, previous translations. These are important reference materials so that your new translation provider is aware of any terminology preferences you might have. For example, some mobile services companies prefer the term “celular” for cellphone in Spanish, while others prefer “teléfono móvil”. Do you use “smartphone” or “teléfono inteligente”? Do you prefer “tarifas” over “cargos” for charges? Consistency in terminology is key in developing your brand voice and ensuring clarity.

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